Atif Kamran is a Successful Leader of LEO

LEO is a company run by Dan Andersson and Atif Kamran that provides high quality training resources and tools to men and women around that world that have the dream of being an entrepreneur. They offer webinars, e-learning resources, and a host of other beneficial programs. Although the company has been successful, their success has been slightly marred due to published rumors that the company is nothing but a scam. There is no credibility to the rumors at all.

Rumors of a LEO Scam are False

Many rumors even claim that Atif Kamran is on the run from the law in Pakistan because of the Atif Kamran scam with Sitetalk, but if people take a minute to think about it, they will realize that it is just a rumour and nothing more. Atif has recently launched a new business venture called LEO. He co-owns this company with Dan Andersson, and the global headquarters is located in the U.K. If he were really on the run from the police, then England would be the wrong place to do it since he could easily be found there!